Lobbonegro du Bois de Garnd Val 


Mondioring 3/Ring3


Seine Besitzerin Jeannine beschreibt Lobbonegro so:

Lobbo is an exceptionnal dog. I trained him in Mondioring and switched to Belgian ring in 3 months.

Very good results in both disciplines.

He likes to work, and he likes ALL the exercices, you can see in the videos of competitions that he is always happy (heeling not perfect! due to me, I let him as far as he is not exagerating and after so many competitions he is still under control)

He is very kind with people, children, small dogs or cats but not with another dominant male!

In the every day life, he is also happy in house, in the kennel, in a cage, in the trailer. Very easy.

I'm training all the obedience alone however, a friend of mine (decoy) went alone with him at a selection of decoys and everybody thought there was a new Tervueren in Belgium because he worked very well with this guy.

Very active dog, with a lot of "dash" that he gave to all his puppies. He also have very good jumps.

Ouragan des Feux Farouches (C-Wurf)


Ring 3


Sein Besitzer beschreibt Ouragan so:

 Er ist ein starker, selbstbewusster Rüde mit viel Energie. Er hat einen klaren Kopf mit tollem sozialen Wesen, der im Alltag unkompliziert ist. 



Off Line's Yes Yes "Yoda"  (A-Wurf)


Teilnehmer  FMBB und FCI WM IPO 2016/2017


Seine Besitzerin Niina beschreibt ihn so:

Open an friendly male, on working powerful and dominant, loves to play.

Good drives and grips, self confident. Knows how to relax.